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Journey into Nyx prerelease: Forge a Godslayer information

And this time, Godslayer in hand, you're their backup!
And this time, Godslayer in hand, you're their backup!

The Path of the Hero, the nine events throughout the prerelease, launch weekend, and Game Day events of Theros block, is all leading up to one thing: The confrontation with Xenagos himself. Now Rumor Mill user Megadog has insights into how the last leg of this long trip will begin; specifically, with a custom weapon for players:

The prerelease involves something players do alone called Forge a Godslayer (With Forged in [Glory/Intellect/Tyranny/War/Pursuit] being the box names at the prerelease) and the challenge deck is called Defeat a God. You will use the godslayer you've forged at the prerelease in some way when defeating the god.

Unfortunately this is all the new information I've gathered. As we thought they are using the Xenagos vs Elspeth and [Ajani] picture, and its motif is the same style as THS and BNG but with Dark Blue/Purple and Light Blue/Purple as its colors.

The box names appear to be in color order, so Glory is white, Intellect blue, Tyranny black, War red, and Pursuit green. And the actual description of the first activity makes it seem as though they'll work rather differently from past hero cards.