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Journey into Nyx Launch Weekend: Poster puzzle solved

Fittingly, Kruphix accompanies the most obscure puzzle.
Fittingly, Kruphix accompanies the most obscure puzzle.

The Launch Weekend tournaments for Journey into Nyx are coming up in a few days, and as with every stop on the Hero's Path this block, there's the opportunity for a new hero card. Each of the launch weekends has had a puzzle poster, and Journey into Nyx's has been uncovered and solved on's Rumor Mill. The puzzle answer is contained within this article, so avert your eyes now if you want the pleasure of solving it yourself.

Be brave, Hero, for your final destiny is nearly at hand. Are you brave enough - and clever enough - to venture into the realm of Nyx itself and emerge unscathed?

Let your journey be guided by the mystical symbols that have appeared across the sky. As a collector of arcane knowledge, you recognize a number of ways to interpret what you see. But only one holds the truth. Identify this one out of many, and your way will become clear.

Cracking this riddle will lead you to a specific card from Journey into Nyx(tm). Tell the tournament organizer the name of that card to complete your quest.

So, the most cryptic of all the puzzles has few guidelines other than "interpret the symbols." The "as a collector" sentence does mean that, yes, we're looking to find a collector number. The symbols down the right side of Kruphix are one symbol of one type, six of another, and five of the third - the digits 1, 6, and 5, in other words. The number of cards in this set comes out to 165 - which means the number in the other column corresponds to the collector number. Using the same method we arrive at 146 - Athreos, God of Passage, and the correct response.