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Journey into Nyx full spoiler up

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It's that part of rumor season once again: A little over a week in advance of the prerelease weekend for Journey into Nyx, the full spoiler is in the Card Image Gallery. Just as with Born of the Gods, all the cards can be seen on the mothership a week earlier than might be expected.

The discussion over the merits of the set has just begun, but the consensus is that many of the set's power cards had not been revealed during the preview weeks and have just come to light. There are a lot of Limited, and even Constructed, gems among the previously unspoiled cards. There were some expected things, such as cycles that had to be finished, as well as more than a few surprises, like a large number of creatures with unusual or even novel creature types (think Starfish, Cockatrice, Sheep, Lamia...) and interesting strive and constellation effects.

Take the time to pore through the set, join the debate, and stay tuned for more complete reviews of individual cards in the coming days.