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Journey into Nyx: Four guaranteed inclusions

With Born of the Gods's prerelease looming and the set fully known, the Magic rumor community's mercurial attention is beginning to shift to Journey into Nyx, the final set in Theros block, which is sure to be an epic conclusion. Now, there are very few sure things in Magic sets months before they are released, but due to the nature of Theros block, there are a handful of block-wide cycles that need to be completed come JIN. So, in other words, here are more than a dozen sure things:

  • Enemy-color minor gods. The most obvious inevitability after the allied-color portion of the block's absolute biggest and bombiest cycle came out in Born of the Gods, Kruphix, Athreos, Pharika, Iroas, and Keranos will be hitting the scene in similar fashion. Good news for fans of those other color combinations, and we have an idea of how their cards will be structured now.
  • Two last scrylands. Poor Keranos and Pharika - still missing their Temples after all this time. But we know precisely what these cards will do; all there is to speculate on is the names.
  • Allied off-color activators. Okay, and hopefully the blue creature with the green activated ability, too. You see, there's this block-wide megacycle that ISN'T god-related, and that got four enemy members in Born of the Gods. It's only fair that it gets filled out.
  • Ajani in green and white. Only room for one planeswalker in the set. Ajani's relevant to the story. He can't be monowhite because of Elspeth. Hold onto your hats, everyone, he will be awesome.
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