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Josie: 'Who owns you?'

A woman who calls herself "Josie the Outlaw" has asked a key question for a time such as this in America -- who owns you?

The obvious answer for citizens in a free society is that only you can be the owner of you. Only when you are a slave or a subject does the government own you. No president, no Congress, no Supreme Court in a nation with a Constitution that protects certain unalienable rights such as ours can claim ownership over you. In this country, as long as there is at least some semblance of adherence to the Constitution, you are not a slave or subject but a free man or a free woman, a sovereign citizen.

Josie maintains, however, that the growing tyranny both at the federal level and at the state and local levels of government require decisive action due to the growing belief that we the citizens are subjects of the state.

Josie explains it all in her video, which is provided here in the left column. Click this link if the embedded video does not work.

You may also visit Josie's website which contains all of her videos.

If the government continues to encroach on our unalienable rights and liberties, the only recourse left to conscientious patriots is to resist, disobey. This makes us all outlaws according to the government leviathan. But even our Founders stated that any law that violates the Constitution is automatically null and void and therefore should be ignored by citizens.

Western Rifle Shooters Association puts it like this:

You own you.

You own your property.

You and your spouse own your kids until majority.

Be ready to eliminate anyone who believes otherwise and stands ready to inflict that belief on you.


This means, of course, that conscientious citizens must be willing to put themselves on the line to protect liberty. We must resist any and all efforts to limit our freedoms by oppressive government. We must defy their unconstitutional laws. We must evade their attempts to lay traps for us. We must help like-minded citizens who live in other areas to resist the leviathan by smuggling to them anything they need to help them in their efforts. And we must engage in peaceful sabotage of the tyrant's plans to show them we are not going to obey their illegal edicts.

These are sad and dangerous times for America. Choose this day whom you will serve. You cannot serve God or what is good and right if you choose to serve the forces of evil that wish to deprive human beings of their liberties.


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