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Joshua Tree Music Festival Returns

Like the breeding habits of the desert tortoise, the Joshua Tree Music Festival is unique in that it is a bi-annual event, taking place in both October and May each year.  Regular attendees will note that the word "Roots" has been dropped from the name of the event.  Little else has changed, however, and if anything, the spring lineup toes more closely the "roots" genre line than last fall's event.

Gone are the french chantueses and the Brooklyn diletantes.   Instead, you can expect a steady  - two alternating stages - dose of beats, grooves, and world that will make your weekend hum.  Headlining is the latin-infused house dj Mexican Institute of Sound, and Brit-spin remix master duo the Stanton Warriors.  Get your glow sticks out!

Perhaps the most fun will be the guaranteed-to-cure-any-hangover, rare performance of the singing crystals of the Landers Integratron, Sunday morning 10:30 am.  If this legendary new age "sound bath" doesn't cure your spirit, nothing - except perhaps an alien visitation - can.

As always, the best way to enjoy the JTMF is by camping with like-minded astro-partiers at the venue.  It's best to reserve your campsite in advance, so you can carefully plot an equidistant point between the bottled water, latrine, and desert sand dance floor.

For more info, check out the Festival's website.