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Joshua Medcalf explains that beliefs are powerful

In Joshua Medcalf's mini book, he begins by explaining that strong beliefs cause the Reticular Activating System to block out information that contradicts those beliefs. Medcalf references a Harvard Study that showed that "beliefs are so powerful they can change the chemical properties of drugs." In this study 50% of the participants experienced the effects of a stimulant/barbiturate even though they were given the opposite.

This relates to youth athletes and their mental strength before, during, and after competition. In other words, if a youth athlete believes he/she will be successful there is a greater chance of that child being successful. It also means that if a youth athlete has a negative outlook on any aspect of the sport it will be difficult to change this child's mind.

Information on how mental power can improve pain management is included here.

Information on the fixed mindset and growth mindset is included here.

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