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Joshua Hoffine's dark artwork merges with Haunted House NYC for Halloween

In New York City, the Halloween season has already kicked off with all the wonderful monsters and hauntings that make the New York Goth community and subculture so devilishly delighted. The creator of the Haunted House NYC experience, Timothy Haskell, has commissioned respected horror artist and photographer Joshua Hoffine for new works to incorporate into their theme this year: Serial Killers.

"The Babysitter" The Horror Photography of Joshua Hoffine.
"The Babysitter" The Horror Photography of Joshua Hoffine.
Joshua Hoffine.
The man himself, Joshua Hoffine, horror photographer and dark artist.
Joshua Hoffine.

Patrons familiar with the Nightmare Haunted House might recall the gruesome and widely acclaimed "Lady Bathory" photograph previously featured in 2009. This year, with the introduction of Hoffine's newest piece "Jack the Ripper" along with many others, Hoffine's works have become the point of inspiration for specific rooms of the Haunted attraction. The New York scene is jumping at the chance to sink their fangs into more of the Kansas City artist and his dark imagery.

Haunted House NYC will be open to the public from September 28 through November 3, 2012 at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, 107 Suffolk Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The house is aptly described as "a horrifying, immersive haunted house experience about our obsession and fascination with serial killers both real and fictional." Tickets range from $30 - $60, with reduced admission for students and purchasing online.

Hoffine has an incredible cult following which stems from the 2008 release of his collection of photographs that delved into the realm of childhood fears. He has been featured in group exhibitions and in publications across the country and internationally. His work is staged on movie-like sets that he creates and where he explores, in his words, "the psychology of fear."

Signed archival prints of Joshua Hoffine's fearsome and addictive horror photography are available for purchase on his website's official online store. In the meantime, we're lining up to experience his photos brought to life at Haunted House NYC. 'Tis the season to get scared and enjoy it, after all.