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Joshua Farris is ready for a breakout season

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Renton native, Joshua Farris, won the junior World Championships in 2013 and came in fourth at the senior nationals in 2014. His career has been on the rise and he is hoping that this upcoming season will be the turning point that gets him to the senior world championships.

“My ultimate goal is to make the world team and I think that it’s very possible, especially thanks to Jeremy and Max, that we have three spots,” Joshua said.

Farris, only 19-years old, just completed a 20-city tour with Stars on Ice. He was honored to be asked to be part of the show as the cast was mainly made up of Olympians and well known skaters, yet Joshua held his own in the show and revealed to the audience and himself that he is ready to be with the best skaters in the U.S.

“I cannot articulate how much fun I have had and how much I have grown as a person and an athlete,” Farris said on the final night of the show. He also admitted that one of the best things that came out of the show for himself personally, was his relationship with fellow skater, Jason Brown. “We’re officially really good friends now,” Joshua shared, as he has previously struggled with keeping his personal friendship with Brown separate from his competitive interactions with him.

Stars on Ice wrapped up on Sunday, May 18 in Seattle, where fifteen of Joshua’s friends and family joined to watch him skate in the show. Joshua was so happy to be home and performing in front of his very first coach who taught him how to skate. Farris plans on staying a few days in the Seattle area visiting friends and family and his old rink, Castle Ice Arena in Renton, WA.

For this upcoming season, Joshua plans to work with Jeffrey Buttle, choreographer for Stars on Ice, for his short program and has decided to keep his free skate to Schindler's List, but will revamp a bit. “I want everybody in the audience to cry and I did not reach that goal, so this next year prepare to bawl your eyes out,” Joshua said with a laugh.

Farris has a truly remarkable artistic ability and his jumps are gorgeous. He preformed a strong quadruple toe loop during the practice of Stars On Ice and said that his quad is getting stronger and more consistent. With quad in tow, along with his lyrical strengths, it would not be surprising to see him on the world team this upcoming season.