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Josh Shaw of USC Trojans suspended after drowning rescue story unravels

Josh Shaw has been getting a lot of media attention over the last few days and for all the wrong reasons. Initially, Shaw blamed a double ankle injury on his heroic efforts to save his drowning nephew. On Thursday, ABC News reported on the case against Josh Shaw and his bogus hero story.

Josh Shaw is under fire after admitting he made up the story about saving his drowning nephew.

It all started on August 24 when Shaw told the Trojans' website that he injured both his ankles trying to rescue his drowning nephew. In the elaborate story, Shaw said that he jumped from a second story balcony when he saw his nephew struggling in a pool below. The story made headlines and everyone hailed Josh Shaw as a hero.

The fifth year senior had recently been named a USC football team captain and was known as a leader among teammates but his story started to unfold almost as quickly as it began. Shaw was outed when his named popped up in a Los Angeles Police Department report of a disturbance in a third story apartment. He was named as the boyfriend of one of the residents of that apartment.

Police entered the apartment after receiving a disturbance call and found no one home when they arrived. During the investigation, police also found a rear window in the unit was pried open. A witness description of the man who broke into the apartment matched Shaw and when confronted by the news, Shaw admitted that he made up the drowning story.

Josh Shaw has been suspended indefinitely while USC officials conduct an investigation. Shaw retained a criminal defense attorney despite a lack of charges against him. Shaw has not been named as a suspect but did admit that he sprained both ankles in a fall.

First year head coach Steve Sarkisian released a statement about the Josh Shaw situation on Wednesday. He said, "We are extremely disappointed in Josh. He let us all down. As I have said, nothing in his background led us to doubt him when he told us of his injuries, nor did anything after our initial vetting of his story." According to Sarkisian, character is a big deal to the Trojans football team who are just coming off probation after several recruiting violations.

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