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Josh Rosen, highly touted QB prospect, is an atheist, and the consequences of it

Everyone remembers Tim Tebow, devout Christian evangelical quarterback in the NFL? The one with the biblical verses written in ? The one who Von Miller and the Denver Defense carried to victory? Yes, that Tim Tebow.

The religious right-wing have stated that Tebow was hounded for his faith. The fact is though the NFL is overwhelmingly religious. Most players are Christian, and many of them are just as devout and evangelical as Tebow.

Tebow wasn't a bad guy, but he was a marginal player, especially as a QB. Heck, he couldn't even beat out Mark Sanchez of the N.Y. Jets, and Sanchez sure isn't a future Hall of Famer.

Those critical of the Tebow trend, weren't so much critical of Tebow, than critical of those who made Tebow out as better then he was, because of his religious beliefs.

QB Kurt Warner, who won a Super Bowl, talked about his religious beliefs a number of times. But he was respected as an accomplished football player, and not made out as a better player than he was, because of his Christian belief.

Now, there haven't been many open atheist NFL players. The very good former Minnesota Vikings RB Robert Smith is an atheist. Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe. Well, Josh Rosen, one of the most highly touted QBs in the last 20 years, is an atheist.

He is going into his senior year in high school, so he might not become a star in the NFL. But if he does, and if he wins a Super Bowl, will be like Warner and other players, but instead of talking about his belief in a God or Christianity, talk about his worldview founded upon reason and skepticism towards unfounded claims, such as religious ones?

Will he talk about his humanism, assuming he also identifies as a humanist, and his belief that moral laws must be built on reason and not superstition?

If he does, does he lose endorsement deals? Does he risk death threats? Death threats are very common against atheists of fame. Including a teenage girl in Rhode Island who objected to a prayer banner in her high school. Time will tell, I guess.