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Josh Roberts local movie guru extraordinaire

Josh Roberts, fearless founder of Upset Popcorn
Kelle Bruner

The internet is full of forums, websites, and blogs about movies; what’s new, what’s in the works, and what should never have been attempted. Movies bring people together, and what better place to facilitate some stimulating conversation than on the internet. Millions of people browse search engines, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook looking for people of like-mindedness to share their opinions. In Columbus, you needn’t look far.

Columbus is known for being a hub for fashion, food, and entertainment; as Ohio goes, so goes America. And as far as Hollywood goes, Ohio birthed some of the greats – Stephen Spielberg and Paul Newman, to a name a couple. One of these entrepreneuring citizens pioneering their way to success is Josh Roberts. He is a local Central Ohioan who has earned the title ‘movie guru’ after launching his entertainment website, Upset Popcorn, where people can come together and agree (or disagree) about the silver screen.

I was given the pleasure of finding out a little more concerning the man behind the curtain.

Q: What is Upset Popcorn

A: Upset Popcorn is my way of discussing movies as I would with my friends, only on a grander scale. The goal was to create a site on which I could vent my feelings pertaining to film, but also discover and discus the opinions of others.

Q: What makes Upset Popcorn different that other entertainment sites?

A: This site is for the buff, by the buff. I simply wanted to come together with other fans like myself, tell them why I liked a movie or disliked a movie and hear their opinion. I am in it for dialog, not monolog. In fact, in the future, I hope to incorporate additional ways for users to discuss films, such as chat rooms, user reviews, etc..

Q: What do you hope to achieve with Upset Popcorn?

A: Unification of over the top fans like myself. I want to discuss everything about films, old ones, new ones, the state of the industry, what we can learn from the movies, anything.

Q: Why Movies?

A: I love the art of story in any form, film, books, even songs, if there is a story to be found, I'm there. But I think movies are, or have the potential to be, one of the purest forms of story telling. To be able to show someone something that takes them from where they are, sitting in a theater or on a couch, and put them in another, more beautiful or terrifying, or more beautifully terrifying place is simply amazing.

Q: What other projects are you working on?

A: I am actually beginning the journey of screenwriting right now, which I may blog about in the future because it is such a challenging yet exhilarating adventure. I have a story that is a drama/sci-fi in which I hope to discuss themes of life, death, and justice.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring movie gurus?

A: Do what you love and love what you do, watch films. Then, when you feel like you are grasping the art, go further. Dissect every movie you watch, get some books, read articles online, watch YouTube videos on the topic, I guaranty you will realize there is so much more than you ever knew when it comes to the art of film. And most of all, don't let anything taint your love for movies, don't let yourself stop believing. There is something incredibly beautiful about being able to delve into a fantastic world and believe what you are seeing, so don't let that be taken away from you by a further understanding of the 'behind the scenes'.

Go visit Upset Popcorn. Support your local movie guru and weigh in on all the movie news! Need help getting started? Why not tell Josh what you think of his top ten actors of all time. Leonard Nimoy, really?

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