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Josh Morgan named to NABC Honors Court

Josh Morgan named to NABC Honors Court.
Josh Morgan named to NABC Honors Court.
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Colorado State University is big on their players being student-athletes, with an emphasis on "student".

Especially now in Jack Graham's "Bold New Era."

Rams guard Josh Morgan exemplifies what it means to be a student-athlete, excelling on both the hardwood and in CSU's hallowed halls of learning.

It was announced Monday that Morgan has been named to the National Association of Basketball Coaches Honors Court. The group recognizes juniors and seniors who have spent at least a year with the school and maintain a 3.2 grade point average or higher. Morgan graduated with a degree in Health and Exercise Science in May and became the second Colorado State player to be named to the Honors Court, following Dorian Green in 2012-13.

Of course, why this honor is so important is because it highlights all that these young men and women have to do, have to go through. To be successful, they have to go to practice, film study and workout sessions, make it to class, have a part-time job, do homework and then somehow find a way to have a semblance of a social life. Many people think student-athletes live the easy life, the truth is, it's much more difficult to go that route.

The added pressure of being under a microscope by both the media and fans alike has to create another level of difficulty for the college-aged kids.

On the court, Morgan averaged 1.2 points per game last season, often coming in during garbage time, when the Rams were ahead or losing by a great deal. Morgan was a deep bench contributor, knocking down three three-pointers on the year.

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