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Josh McCown signing brings additional credibility to Hartford Colonials and UFL


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The Hartford Colonials announced a major signing, bringing in NFL veteran Josh McCown on Tuesday. McCown brings experience and a ton of talent to an offense that needs his type of leadership. While the Colonials have the looks of an excellent running game, with RB Andre Dixon and FB Asaph Schwapp, the Colonials were clearly in need of a quarterback who could raise the level of the passing attack.

Most football fans should at least remember the McCown’s name, and they can be excused if their memory of him actually being on the field is a bit foggy. He was on the Carolina Panthers the last seasons, including a 2009-2010 season spent on IR. He best moments came as an Arizona Cardinal from 2002-2005. His stint there led to a brief stay with Oakland, where he competed for time with Daunte Culpepper. Coincidentally, the two will square off in week 1 of the UFL season, with McCown under center for the Colonials, and Culpepper suiting up for the Sacramento Mountain Lions.

Clearly, this is an excellent signing for the Colonials. McCown is still fairly young, as he is only 31, and due to his lack of consistent playing time, his body should be fresh and ready for a full season. The younger, inexperienced Colonials will look to him for guidance, both on and off the field, and he’ll be able to provide it.

Plus, he should elevate the play of those around him. Any questions about the passing game should be either answered or at least subdued by this signing. And as referenced before, the elevation of the passing game will only make a strong rushing attack even stronger.

A wise signing by the Colonials, and just in time for camp to begin. All that’s left is for McCown to start learning the playbook.

~Mark Rawden

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