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Josh Key is ready for Elder Ramos at XFE 36 on!

Elder Ramos vs Josh Key

Recently we had the chance to talk to Josh Key (5-9) who will be facing Elder Ramos (5-4) LIVE at XFE 36 at Harrahs Philadelphia and LIVE around the WORLD on!

Key has shared the cage with a who's who in the Tristate area and looks to become one step closer to capturing the XFE Welterweight Title with a victory over the fan favorite Ramos. We had the chance to discuss training camp, his opponent, future plans & much more. Here is what Josh had to say below: How has your training camp been for your fight this weekend?

Key: It had it's ups and downs. What do you know about Elder Ramos? Is there any weakness you feel you can expose?

Key: I don't know much about him but I respect him as a man and fighter. I am honored to fight him. How important is a win for you to start out 2014?

Key: Its not important to win but to put on a great show for the audience and show what we have. For fans who aren't familiar with you how would you describe yourself as a fighter?

Key: One word.....ENTERTAINING!! What fighters have inspired you coming up the ranks?

Key: All fighters I have come in contact with have inspired me one way or another. I'm just blessed to be able to. Who have you been working with to prepare for Ramos?

Key: I have been working with Dante Rivera BJJ and affiliates as well as Oleg Salvitsky and affiliates. With victory over Ramos, what fighters will be in your cross hairs for your next fight?

Key: With my victory. The sky is the limit , I'll fight anyone who the powers that be seems fit for me to fight. With 4 out of your 5 wins coming inside the distance is it safe to say you will be looking to get him out of there quickly?

Key: If God wants me to win early then he'll allow it. If he wants me to go the distance then he will make a way for me. I go with the flow. If I get a chance to win I take it like a picture. How busy would you like to stay in 2014?

Key: I want to drop back down to 155 and take over. I feel this is my time and I'm finally ready, so as many fights as I'm allotted. What can fans in attendance and fans watching around the world on expect from you this weekend when you step in the cage?

Key: A GREAT show!! Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Key: I would like to thank God and his blessing. My Uncle Jr and Aunt Marie Boomer, my Cousin Allan Boomer, Momentum Advisors, my children, Dante Rivera, Oleg Salvitsky, Gary tonnon, Shawn teed, Matt pletcher, Dead Serious Fight Gear and Death Throb. Kevin Reed and 10th Planet Ju Jitsu Bethlehem, XFE, Elder Ramos and you guys from!

If you are unable to make it to Harrahs Philadelphia for the fight, fear not, you can watch it LIVE, from start to finish, from anywhere in the WORLD on! CLICK HERE for more info on XFE 36 LIVE on!!

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