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Josh Kaufman from Team Usher is the 'Voice'!

Josh Kaufman was crowned the season six winner of NBC's The Voice on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.
Josh Kaufman was crowned the season six winner of NBC's The Voice on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.
NBC Universal/The Voice.

The Voice has a season six winner and he's a history maker! Josh Kaufman from Team Usher was crowned the 'Voice' Tuesday night, and his victory makes it the first time ever the show has had a winner that wasn't on Team Blake or Team Adam. This shining moment of course makes Usher the first coach to put an end to the Blake Shelton and Adam Levine winning streak on The Voice. The proud coach, whose belief and support in Kaufman has always been highly apparent throughout the season, was beaming with pride when host Carson Daly announced Kaufman's name. The Indianapolis native has been thoroughly consistent with his performances week after week, which had him singing hits from some of music’s biggest names.

Tonight's results were also monumental for Jake Worthington from Team Blake, who in his first try for the NBC Emmy-award winning reality competition did not make it past the blind auditions; tonight the Country music vocalist came in as the runner up. You Tube sensation Christina Grimmie, from Team Adam placed third.

These results were revealed after a two-hour finale that included performances from the Top 20 Voice finalists, as well as ColdPlay, Tim McGraw, Robin Thicke, Ed Sheeran and Alabama.

In a press conference immediately following the finale, Usher and Kaufman spoke about what is sure to be an unforgettable night for the two of them, what this means for The Voice, what's next, and how it feels to beat Blake and Adam and much more!

What does it mean to be the first artist to break the Blake Shelton and Adam Levine winning streak?

Josh- That's been the story of the show, either Adam or Blake wins. So to change that, and I think kind of change more things about the type of music and some different things that we did, it's great. It's amazing.

Usher, you said that winning today would be a great motivation to come back and defend your title, so does that mean you're coming back?

Usher- Well, I mean this is a definitely a great way to close a season six. This obviously gives great reason and logic to come back and defend the title. But more than that, I think what Josh just said, to change the idea about what type of winner wins and what it takes to win; the type of songs we chose, the coaching that went into it, the fact that there is obviously second chances in life and from the second chances something incredible can happen and that's what happened with Josh.

As you were both up there and it was the final two, what was going through your mind?

Josh- For me, it had been such a stressful night and morning. It was a lot of nerves and heart-racing, and it felt like forever. It was great to be up there with the three of them. Both of them are such amazing performers as well. It was mostly just anticipation and wondering what was going to happen.

Usher- For me, obviously winning was every bit of what I hoped for and losing was not an option. I couldn't imagine walking away this season after seeing season after season of Blake and Adam winning. I think that Josh really put up an incredible fight as an artist here in this competition. There is no doubt that he is the ‘Voice’, and he proves that a man like himself could come to The Voice and be a shining example of what you can do; and have determination, and passion, and commitment.

Usher did you say anything to Blake or Adam or did either of them say anything to you? Or anything you want to say to them?

Usher- It's been a pleasure with season four and six. I wouldn't know the way without them and obviously, I wouldn't have fought my way towards a win without Adam recognizing Josh's talent. I'm going to miss them, obviously with Pharrell taking my seat for next season, I now will be a fan just watching form home, but I love them both. I think that they're incredible men, they're incredible artists, and they're amazing coaches.

Josh, what is next for you?

Josh- Obviously there is The Voice tour, so I'm really looking forward to that. We're heading out this summer. And the next step after that is figuring out what a record is going to look like. I'm excited about that. That's going to be the next step for sure.

Usher, what advice do you have for Pharrell and Gwen Stefani for next season?

Usher- They should just be true to who they are. That's what I always did. It was a bit unorthodox. I did have them running and boxing and carrying dumb bells, but that was all a process of arch development. For me, this show represented something more than just the 'Voice'. It was the process and then me and Mark [Burnett] had a conversation. He said, “You gotta remember Usher, people are voting with more than just their ears, they're voting with their hearts.” That right there made this show mean more to me than anything I probably will ever do on TV.

What are you going to miss the most about this show Usher?

Usher- I am going to miss the team. I am going to miss every bit of what happens in the moment. This season has proved to be very unpredictable. I would have never in a million years imagined that I would be in this competition winning with someone who was kicked off of Adam's team! (Laughs) I'm going to miss Adam, I'm going to miss Blake, I'm going to miss Shakira. I'll be working with Josh! (Laughs)

Usher you have had a lot of success as a coach on The Voice. Obviously with tonight’s win, and you also made it to the finale with Michelle Chamuel in season four, what originally inspired you to do this: to become a mentor and to take a different direction as an artist?

Usher- I actually didn't change my direction. I have always gone against the grain. If you in some ways analyze the type of music, the type of direction; the less is more approach that I took with Michelle Chamuel. I did the same at times with Josh. But greater than that, to be a mentor period is something that comes from my heart. The work that I do philanthropically: working with children; the work that I do at making education such a priority. I don't have to do that, but as an entertainer I deem it a responsibility because it's important. Not only as a father, but also as someone who really does want to correct things. So that's when it started. When I am working in a space that I'm familiar with I'm just giving my advice. For many years, I have had success, but as a result of having success and failures, I'm able to give educated information about what works or just really what my opinion is. It has obviously worked.

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