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Josh Gracin: Facility bound as Facebook suicide note raises red flag on singer

Josh Gracin, a cry for help with suicide note on Facebook page? Family and friends come to the rescue.
Josh Gracin album cover

Former "American Idol" contestant, Josh Gracin, posted a suicide note on his Facebook account conveying words of farewell to his family and friends. An alert family member happened to see Gracin’s posting and called the authorities, according to Rochester Wicked Local News on Aug. 17.

Gracin asked to be remember as someone who “gave his all in his music,” then he asked for his fans to pray for his family “as they carry on in this world without him.” Some might think this sounds a bit dramatic, as he posted this on his Facebook where someone was bound to see it. Dramatic or not, this very well could have saved his life.

Police were able to find Gracin on his way home and hold him on a 5150. The 5150 is a psychiatric hold that allows authorities to take a person into custody for a psychiatric evaluation if they are considered a harm to themselves or others.

With Gracin threatening to commit suicide, he was a harm to himself, so police were within the law taking Gracin into the hospital for the evaluation whether he wanted to go or not. In Gracin’s case there was no problem, he went without incident with police to the hospital.

According to Us Magazine, Josh was released from the hospital where he was held on that 5150 and has voluntarily checked himself into a treatment facility where he will get the help he needs.

Instead of having that Facebook post that is saying farewell being remembered today as Gracin’s last words, there is now a post where Gracin talks about getting the help he needed and thanking all of his fans who reached out to him during this trying time. Gracin writes:

"I want to thank you all for your prayers and support. I take responsibility for my actions and apologize dearly for what I have put my family through," Gracin said in a statement on Facebook. "With the help of my family and friends, I am getting help. Again, thank you for your love, and I will see you very soon."

Yahoo News today reports that Gracin’s manager Amy MacIntosh released a statement on Friday saying:

"As many of you know, Josh Gracin has been battling depression and as a result found himself in a personal crisis yesterday. Thanks to the outpouring of concern from family, friends, fans and the police, Josh was admitted to the hospital for observation."

This comes on the heels of Robin William’s suicide which has been graphically detailed in the media for the past week. The nation lost their favorite funny man and emotions are raw in the aftermath.

William’s death has caused many to research the act of suicide with the hopes of understanding how such a seemingly happy person can take their own life. It has also caused some people to take a more serious than ever approach to anyone who is seemingly in emotional turmoil and at risk of suicide.

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