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Josh Fullmer of 'Deadliest Catch' wants to prove he is a fisherman

The Seabrooke
The Seabrooke
Discovery Channel

Remember the one "Deadliest Catch" greenhorn, Josh Fullmer, who worked on the F/V Seabrooke and wanted to quit after working only two hours? Claire Hickey from Communities Digital News interviewed him. Josh told what it was like after he quit working for Captain Scott Campbell, and what he did after he left the Seabrooke.

When Captain Scott sent him a letter telling him that he got the job onboard the Seabrooke, Josh was full of energy. He was determined to give it his all without complaining. He wanted to be the success story of greenhorns. Sounds like the average greenhorn. Josh managed to work nine days getting the boat ready, but lasted only two hours of actual fishing time. He said that he couldn’t take the constant teasing or verbal abuse from the rest of the crew. He said that he had worked when he had broken hands, knuckles, feet, or toes, but nothing compared to the pain he felt in his hands after the two hours fishing.

Apparently, he never watched the show when the other greenhorns were trying to prove themselves. If he had, he would know that it came with the territory and he had to earn their respect. Since his humiliating demand to leave the boat, he had some time to reflect on his actions. The words of Captain Scott started to soak in. He left the crew shorthanded. They told him that he would never get another fishing job. He was finished in the industry.

Josh appeared on the 2011 series, "After the Catch." He reconsidered. It became important to prove to himself and everyone else that he can be a fisherman. When none of the captains believed that he could work as a fisherman, determination set in. In 2012, he started working in Cook Inlet, fishing sockeye salmon. Then, in 2013, he went to Bristol Bay and salmon fished. He proved himself even further by landing a job on the F/V Baranof where he went fishing for Opies. He did so well, that the captain invited him back to work on his boat anytime.

Josh said that he keeps in contact with Captain Scott. He keeps trying to see if they will give him another chance on the Seabrooke. So far, Captain Scott has refused his offer to work on his boat, but the captain did give Captain Blake Painter Josh’s name as a possible candidate to work during pot cod fishing. Josh said that he couldn’t work for Captain Painter this spring, but he would for the next season.

Josh is still looking for a job on a fishing boat, but until a job comes along, he does concrete work. Taking care of his family is very important to him.

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