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Josh Elliott: Why he really left 'GMA,' plus Lara Spencer and Amy Robach feud

Why did Josh Elliott leave "GMA"? What's the real reason behind his sudden departure from the ABC morning new show? Also, there is reportedly a feud between Lara Spencer and Amy Robach. All of these allegations come from both ABC and NBC sources who spoke with TMZ in a report published April 1. A major shakeup at "Good Morning America" has occurred and the story is slowly being unveiled as to what happened behind-the-scenes.

Why did Josh Elliott really leave "GMA"? Are Lara Spencer and Amy Roback enemies on the set?
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

According to sources at ABC, Josh Elliott took a huge paycut by joining NBC Sports. He was so fed up with Robin Roberts $14 million "GMA" contract that he had reached the end of his rope with the network. He felt slighted by Robin's huge pay raise, said a network source. He was willing to walk away from a $4 or $5 million contract drawn up by ABC to join NBC Sports for $3 million. It just wasn't worth it to Josh to stay on "GMA."

"He's definitely an abrasive guy." another source ABC told TMZ. "People hated him. He was always just rude."

There may be more problems for "Good Morning America" if TMZ's information is accurate because the senior vice president of ABC News, James Goldston, supposedly confronted Josh's replacement -- Amy Robach. He apparently told her she was "toxic" because she created tension on the set. Sources say Amy and Lara Spencer "hate" each other and aren't very good at hiding it.

If that's not enough to deal with, Robin Roberts is allegedly a "diva" on "GMA."

So, what's really going on at the ABC studios with "Good Morning America"? Did Josh really turn down a heap of money and leave for NBC anyway? If Amy Robach and Lara Spencer truly can't stand each other, there's going to be more drama than ever before on "GMA" now!

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