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Josh Duhamel and David Ortiz unveil Dogtale Shorts at Sundance 2014

Actor Josh Duhamel (“Transfomers”) and World Series Winner David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox) unveiled shorts at Sundance 2014 this week about their dogs to raise awareness for shelter dogs with PEDIGREE. If you adopt a dog and share your story with #Dogtales in your tweet, PEDIGREE will feed a shelter dog in need. To bring you the inside scoop, watch our interview with Josh Duhamel on the Sky Lodge rooftop in Park City, Utah: VIDEO: Josh Duhamel Interview at Sundance 2014.

Josh Duhamel stands up for shelter dogs with PEDIGREE at Sundance 2014.
Josh Duhamel stands up for shelter dogs with PEDIGREE at Sundance 2014.
by Liz H Kelly
Josh Duhamel stands up for shelter dogs at Sundance private screening
by Liz H Kelly

During Josh Duhamel’s interview, he gave more background on the campaign, “Over the last several years, I’ve been doing work to raise awareness for adopting shelters, and trying to convince people that if they’re looking for a dog or cat, to adopt. And PEDIGREE has been doing some great work over the last several years to fund some of these shelters that need help so it became a natural partnership.”

PEDIGREE has actually donated 20 million pounds of dog food since 2008. Besides being the right thing to do, the idea is that if the dog is fed well in a shelter, it increases their chances of adoption because they look healthy. The campaign includes real stories about dogs in shelters, their caregivers, and the dog’s new families using #Dogtales.

Josh then reflected on misunderstandings about shelter dogs, “There’s such a misconception about what these dogs are. People think because they’re from a shelter that they’re sick or they have behavioral issues or they have whatever….But the fact is it’s not really the dogs’ problems, it’s mostly people problems and the dogs are fine….At the end of the day, they make the best possible pets.”

We also saw David Ortiz’s short that is called “A Home Run for Dogs.” In this short, David emphasizes, “Dogs are the best thing that can ever happen to a human. They are your true friend and it never goes away.” David says that he takes his dogs everywhere because “They are like my kids.” You can watch David Ortiz’s short here.

Josh’s Dutch-hound Zoe was at home, but he had visited the Utah Humane Society with David Ortiz that day. PEDIGREE also collected fun stories about dog adoptions during the festival that were shown at this private screening.

And because we were looking for people doing good at the festival, we gave Josh Duhamel and David Ortiz our Goody Awards’ Hero Goody Necklace that tags global citizens making a difference. Many thanks to Josh, David and PEDIGREE for launching this program, and go tweet your stories with @PedigreeUS and #Dogtales.

© Liz H Kelly, National Digital Entertainment Columnist and Goody Awards Founder