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Josh Duggar shares intimate post of baby Marcus with fans (photo)

Josh Duggar's son Marcus
Josh Duggar's son Marcus
Josh Duggar/Instagram

Josh Duggar has kept the fans of 19 Kids and Counting in the loop with his family. The cast member, who is the son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, has people following his social media and keeping up with his life. Sharing moments with his wife Anna, the latest picture of his son Marcus will melt any fan’s heart. According to The Stir on Wednesday, the pose was a small version of a Duggar and quite cute too.

The picture gives a close up of his son and it looks like the child is happy, healthy and maybe even a little feisty. Offering a look of contentment, there is no doubt the parents of Marcus are quite proud. Looking just like his father, Josh, the child doesn't seem to have a care in the world.

The Duggar family has been an the news quite a bit for what the family has been up to, but it is little moments like this simple picture that gives a real concept to the TV reality show family. Sharing the values of what they have in a simple picture, it reminds everyone that the Duggar family has done well for themselves and their kids are precious commodities too.