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Josh Dillard's indie folk recital at The Shoe Factory

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Josh Dillard displayed his songs at The Shoe Factory, on Feb. 9. He was the opening act, Desirae Garcia was the direct support and Mike Clark was the headliner. Dillard played the guitar, provided the vocals. Garcia was a brought up as a special guest, to assist with backup vocals.

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While Dillard performed “Let ‘em Fall”, more patrons trickled their way into the venue. After the performance, he mentioned he was from Denver and how it was his pleasure to be in Pueblo, Colo. He mentioned how beautiful it was and he had never been to the city’s downtown area before. He stated he had a new album, “The Bright Light of Shipwreck”, out and they were available for purchase.

Afterwards—Dillard stepped away from the microphone, spoke with the audience and proceeded to tune his guitar. He continued to perform music from his current album and played “In My Dreams”. As he performed, he stood a couple of feet away from the microphone and whistled from a distance.

Dillard thanked the audience for listening and took a drink of his beverage, before he continued with “Grown Cold”. After he introduced the song title—he mentioned he might have a bit of difficulty, for he stated the song was “fairly new too”.

Prior to “Ever Since You’ve Been Gone”, Dillard cited he had a few more songs for the crowd. He invited Garcia to grace the stage with him, to help assist with backup vocals. As he continued to play his guitar and sing into the microphone, Garcia stood to his right and assisted with the chorus.

Before “Theno’s Beer Blues”, Dillard reminded the onlookers he had merchandise for sale. He also mentioned his music could be seen and heard on YouTube, could be purchased on iTunes and from his website. As he proceeded to perform the song, he stepped away from the microphone and allowed his vocals to carry throughout the room on its own.

“Dandelion Clocks” brought an end to Dillard’s recital. He went onto announce Garcia would be up next. Before he could continue on, spectators yelled out their music experience and displayed their gratitude towards him. Some of the terms they used were how “awesome” he was and how “he was killing it”. During the final song, he tapped his right foot to maintain the beat measurements of the song. Afterwards, he thanked the crowd again.