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Joseph Monninger's "Stay Alive: Crash" will not require a bookmark.

What if you crash-landed in the backwoods of Alaska?  How would you survive?
What if you crash-landed in the backwoods of Alaska? How would you survive?

With our news channels filled with stories of the most recent airline crash, YA readers have a chance to read what it’s like to survive a plane crash with Joseph Monninger’s Stay Alive series. In Book #1 “Crash,” nine members of the Junior Action News Team are on a flight that crash-lands in the Alaskan backwoods.

Monninger’s description of the calm and qualified pilot who does everything right “as if a pilot licensing board had recorded his actions” lets readers know the passengers of this flight are in danger and ups the ante by writing about it in such clear detail.

It’s not pretty to crash-land in the backwoods of Alaska. There are no cell phone and no Internet. The supplies are limited. Their combined knowledge of the wilderness is also limited.

What makes it even worse is that people want to split up. Some members of the group want to wait at the crash site to be rescued. Others want to search the area for help. The most important thing is for them to stay alive.

The story itself is divided into four parts, with a survival tip opening each section:

  • The Landing
  • Camp Lollipop
  • Team Four
  • The Natural World

Survival Tip#2, for example, will help lost peeps find water. It’s the ‘what to look for’ and signals that will help people to survive.

No bookmark will be needed for this read, as Monninger keeps the pace steady, and readers will want to know how the Junior Action News Team survives this crash.

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