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Joseph LaRue: Religious will become "second class citizens" without anti-gay law

Joseph LaRue
Joseph LaRue
Alliance Alert

Another day, another religious authoritarian ranting and raving that not allowing Christians to discriminate against anyone they find offensive is discriminatory against Christians.

On February 24th, 2014, Line of Fire Radio hosted Joseph LaRue of the highly inappropriately named Alliance Defending Freedom Counsel, who defended a proposed Arizona segregation bill, which opponents of contend is so flimsy in its language that it could allow discrimination based on religion, ethnicity or gender as well as sexual orientation.

Much like other supporters of the legislation, LaRue proved incapable of defending it without delving into ridiculous conspiracy theories about attempts to prosecute Christians in America.

According to LaRue, religious people will be "treated as second class citizens by their government" if the legislation isn't signed into law.

LaRue apparently has not read the legislation himself, however, as he also claimed that that the bill "is not about denying service."

"Comparing it to Jim Crow is just beyond the pale," LaRue insisted.

Which is, needless to say, completely untrue. In fact, denying services is precisely what the bill is all about.

The far-right's war against reality is as futile as ever.

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