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Joseph Farah: Obama Is 'a tormentor of Christians' & enemy of God

Joseph Farah
Joseph Farah

In a March 28, 2014 column, Joseph Farah once again lashes out at President Obama and his administration for supposed acts of Christian persecution:

As a Christian, scripture informs me that we will know people by their fruits. Obama's fruits were well-known and well-documented by the time he first ran for president. Any true believer in the One True God would have had the discernment to view what he had sown and reaped.

Today it's growing increasingly clear that far from being a believer, as Obama claimed in 2008, he is an enemy of believers – a tormenter of Christians, a persecutor.

Farah has not only frequently insisted that any show of support to any group besides Christians is discriminatory against Christians, but also that such demonstrations are proof of some sort of nefarious Nazi conspiracy to conduct Christian genocide (a favorite tactic of the American Taliban).

In this latest column, Farah apparently takes influence from his most dependable lunatic, Erik Rush, by not even writing in relation to anything and just renewing his previous rantings with slight language changes.

For the proponent of unlimited government, God is truly the enemy because He is the author of liberty. He is the enemy because no one must serve a higher god than government. Men have been placing themselves in God's place, divining right from wrong, since the Garden of Eden. There's nothing new under the sun. It always leads to one end – disaster, catastrophe, death, destruction, misery, hopelessness.

Obama can scarcely take all the blame for our arrival at this ungodly destination. Believers are more responsible. They let it happen. They continue to allow it to happen. They have the power to direct the nation in a reverse course – just as the children of ancient Israel had the power.

Yet the very thing Farah lashes out at Obama for supposedly doing is precisely what Farah himself has done. With this column, Farah attempts to nominate himself the mouthpiece of God, and in effect, has placed himself in God's place.

Joseph Farah can kick and scream about Christian oppression until his lungs collapse, but he will never be able to disguise his push for American Theocracy as anything else.

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