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Joseph Farah: Gov. Brewer should "resign in disgrace" for veto of anti-gay bill

Joseph Farah
Joseph Farah

In a March 12th, 2014 column for WorldNetDaily, Joseph Farah continues his temper tantrum over the fact that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the proposed "right to discriminate" bill which would have allowed business owners to discriminate against anyone as long as they could cite religion as their reason for doing so.

Farah, who has already insisted that gays are part of a "religious cult" trying to kill the First Amendment and that the U.S. will one day oversee an anti-Christian Holocaust, now insists that Christians not having the right to treat others as second class citizens means that "all of the freedoms we have known in the U.S. for 238 years could vanish overnight."

After his usual ravings about the left supposedly hating God and religion, Farah demands that Brewer should be forced to "resign in disgrace" for undermining his fantasies about an American theocracy.
So why was the left so threatened by this bill?

For the same reason they detest the Constitution’s protections of religious freedom, press freedom and free speech.

They don't believe in liberty!

That's why the First Amendment is really in danger in America today. We could lose it very quickly. That's why the Second Amendment is constantly threatened and under siege by the left. That's why, ultimately, all of the freedoms we have known in the U.S. for 238 years could vanish overnight unless Americans awaken quickly and completely and stop sleepwalking through life.

Jan Brewer surrendered to the lies, the insults and the deliberate distortions. She should resign in disgrace.

Farah and the American Taliban's war against reality remains as futile as ever. No matter how many times they kick and scream to the contrary, they will never be able to disguise their desires to reduce all non-Christians to non-citizen status as a fight for freedom.

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