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Joseph Farah: Gays "part of a religious cult" trying to kill First Amendment

Joseph Farah
Joseph Farah

Like many in the American Taliban, Joseph Farah, the king of the crazies at WorldNetDaily, was furious at the demise of Arizona's "right to discriminate" legislation, writing in a February 28th column that Gov. Brewer's veto of the bill is "one more nail in the coffin of the First Amendment."

As many of you have no doubt correctly guessed already, Farah's approach is the usual charade of pretending that the inability of the A.T. to have anyone they find offensive legally recognized as second-class citizens amounts to some sort of attack on freedom and liberty in America.

Farah also depends on the Religious Right's insistence that secularism be treated as a religion. He goes even further than most, in fact, and insists that "homosexualists" are "part of a religious cult" trying to "kill the First Amendment."

"The homosexualists, who, whether they admit or not, are part of a religious cult themselves, went to work," he writes. "Their friends in the media joined in the chorus, proclaiming the law would create Jim Crow-style situations in which a class of people would be denied service at lunch counters. And Jan Brewer vetoed the bill."

Farah also confuses the difference between what the bill was intended to do and what its clusmy wording would have allowed for as well, and also complains that "a male job applicant wearing a dress comes for an interview at your office" should not have his credentials weighed on an equal basis against "more conventionally" dressed candidates (because most employers apparently wouldn't think to just ask the candidate to please not wear a dress to work).

"On almost a daily basis now we're seeing one more nail in the coffin of the First Amendment," Farah complains. "Soon the land of the free will no longer be."

This, unfortunately, follows a disturbing pattern for WorldNetDaily's king crackpot. Farah had previously complained that anti-gay activists would soon be stripped of their citizenship.

Apparently, the concept of a society in which someone isn't constantly being suppressed is far too much for Farah to ever fathom.

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