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Joseph Farah admits (almost) to birther hypocrisy

Joseph Farah
Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah, the editor of WorldNetDaily, has done everything but state for the record in plain English that he is a hypocrite and doesn't care who knows it.

Apparently, being born in a foreign country only disqualifies one from holding the presidency in Farah's eyes if either the candidate is a Democrat, or if the allegations are false.

Nothing else would explain why, in a new WND column, the man who spent years trying to challenge the legitimacy of Barack Obama's presidency on the grounds that a bunch of tinfoil-hats insist he was born in another country is now hand-waving the known fact that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was born in another country.

"If anyone has the right and the duty to weigh in on Ted Cruz’s eligibility, it's me – even though no one is asking.

"My answer is, 'I don't care.'

"I don't care because the Constitution was not written and ratified to be applied to some and not others. If no one cared about Obama's questionable eligibility, despite his shocking lack of transparency and thin paper trail, then they have no business questioning Ted Cruz – who has released his birth certificate, renounced his Canadian citizenship and upheld every provision of the Constitution to the best of his ability throughout his life."

Except that applying the Constitution to some and not others is exactly what Joseph Farah had done. He wanted Obama removed from office on a false accusation that he was born in another country, but now wants the same problem ignored when it is known full well to be true of a Tea Party Republican.

"For the record, I would have preferred if the issue of natural born citizenship were openly debated and discussed before Obama assumed office and began his all-out jihad on the Constitution," he continued. "I would have preferred if my colleagues in the news media had taken seriously their responsibility to be watchdogs on government and hold all politicians accountable to the rule of law. I would have preferred if the motivations of those of us seeking the truth about Obama's eligibility status and life story had never been impugned."

What Farah would really prefer is if Democrats were forbidden from ever holding office.

Why else would a false rumor about a Democrat disqualify them while the exact same thing being a proven fact about a Republican would not?

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