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Joseph Barton Trio brings Jazz to northwest Denver

Joesph on guitar and Vocals
Joesph on guitar and Vocals
Joseph Barton Trio        Photo by Megan Smith
Joseph Barton Trio at Jakes Roadhouse      Photo by Megan Smith

If you just happen to be cruising down the 5000 block of Lamar Street in Arvada you will come across Jakes Roadhouse, a small bar packed with big entertainment. There is no better way to enjoy the tasty treat of their best selling queso with homemade chips and a Blue Moon to wash it down, than listening to the live local band playing right there next to you.
On Friday, January 15th, it was local band, The Joseph Barton Trio who took the stage at Jakes Roadhouse. Their smooth mix of Blues, Jazz and Swing fit perfectly with the chill atmosphere of the crowed bar. They started out with a few smooth, groovin’ blues songs to really set the mood before belting out full heartedly into the catchy beat of “Sugar Coated Love.”

Joseph Barton Trio     Photo by Megan Smith
Joseph Barton Trio at Jakes Roadhouse     Photo by Megan Smith

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With an equal mix of upbeat, slow, vocals and instrumental songs it’s no wonder the crowd was captivated by the bands talent. People were definitely getting in on the groovy atmosphere coming from the band and over running the entire bar, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end, they wrapped up the night playing “Big Legged” sending the crowd into an uncontrollable clapping session.
Check out The Joseph Barton Trio with Tempa and the Tantrums at Dazzle 930 Lincoln St. in Denver on January, 23rd 2010 or visit their MySpace for more upcoming shows.

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Check out their MySpace page at


  • Taylor 5 years ago

    Wow very very unusual, off the beaten path, I have been to jake's several times but was not lucky enough to catch a live local blues group. I can not force my brain to think of how well that must have sounded being only a trio, and not having any brass instruments played for a music selection such as swing/ jazz. i will be checking them out on the 23rd of lincoln

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