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Jose Aldo looks to bounce back after injury

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For a moment it seemed as if he was not doing it because he had something to prove. The first and only one came shortly after the opening bell. It was with his signature cobra snap that he unleashed it onto the knee of Chan Sung Jung aka the 'Korean Zombie’. The crowd, once recognizing it, became collectively quiet, as if they were on a safari to listen to the roar of a jaguar. Their collective pause wasn’t out of any need for added drama; the fights themselves take care of that, what they wanted was to get their money’s worth. What they paid for was to hear that super human cracking thud of Jose Aldo’s world renowned right kick. A sound that has become synonymous with the brutality of MMA, combined with the beauty of human kinetic movement.

Yet after that first kick it just stopped. Perhaps the feather weight champ wanted to prove he was no ‘one trick’ pony and that he had other avenues to victory. Then after taking a quick assessment of his abilities, it was clear that was not the case. Here is a UFC champion, known for his devastating soccer kicks, yet at the same time owns a black-belt in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. Its practically in the native Brazilian’s blood to come out of the womb going for arm-bars.

In the forth round the 'Korean Zombie' dislocated his shoulder, and soon after that Aldo won via knockout. After the fight it was revealed that Aldo had also suffered an injury, a broken foot from that first leg kick that connected to Jung’s knee. A logical explanation to why that was the only leg kick of the night.

This Saturday night in Newark New Jersey Jose Aldo steps into the octagon for the first time since that fight six months ago. He faces Ricardo Lamas, a guy from Chicago who makes his living from taking his opponents to the ground and makes them fight their way back up. Lamas, who goes by the nickname 'The Bully' is undefeated in four fights in the UFC since joining in June of 2011. He is an All-American wrestler, who also happens to have a black-belt in Brazilian Jui-Jistu. Yet as mentioned before so does Aldo who takes a 16 fight win streak into Saturday night. In addition Aldo has five title defenses to his name, which is enough to make him the -600 favorite for the co-main event Saturday.