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José Oyola talks about touring the east coast with Sub Verso


José Oyola - Bassist

This past December and January Sub Verso embarked on their first tour ever.  Traveling down the east coast, the band played eleven shows in two weeks.  It was great exposure for an up and coming band trying to make their way in ever-changing music industry. 

Sub Verso's bass player José Oyola was kind enough to sit down with the Local Music Examiner and talk about his thoughts on the tour as well as what's ahead for Sub Verso.

1) How do you feel after your first tour ever?

After my first tour I feel as if I have found what I am suppose to be doing with my life and I feel a bit of frustration because I feel like I am trapping myself in retail.  But I'll break out soon.

2) What were your favorite shows?

Honestly, every show was so unique that in my mind there was no bad or good one.  They were all an experience that I hadn't encountered previously so I was always on my toes.

3) What was the  funniest thing that happened while on the road?

Calling Stew Leonard's and asking for stew or Ryan yelling "Slam Pig" at every person on the east coast.

4) What was your favorite city that you stopped in?

Savannah, Chapel Hill and D.C.  Hands down, all tied.

5) Give us the best story you have from the road.

The last night in DC we ended up at a lesbian night club and were the only guys there.  Inquire within for more information..

6) Did you guys write any new material while on the road?

No new material, too busy living life on the road.

7) If you could have had one thing with you that you didnt think of until you were already far from home what would it have been?

A snuggie!

8) What was the weirdest occurrence you encountered on the road?

Peeing in a water jug while Ryan held it steady........the jug that is!

9) Did you make friends with any of the other bands?

Oh yeah. I'm pretty sure we must be an extremely lucky group of dudes 'cause we must have met the nicest bands/people America has offer.  I have so much to pay forward now.  Some bands to check out are:
- Boat Burning
- Goodbye, Titan
- Etta Place
- 1000 Acre

10) Did the cops hassle you at any point for any reason?

We played the Cave in Chapel Hill, NC and after the show Ryan was showing me his martial arts moves and I guess the cops feared for my life because three cop cars pulled asking what was going on.

11) When is Sub Verso planning to tour again?

March and August.

12) Are you guys planning on recording again soon?

Yeah, we are recording in June.  I'd also like to add that none of this would be possible without the amazingness of James Neurath!
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