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Jorge Torrez, accused of murder in Zion, Illinois, to be tried in Virginia first

Jorge Torrez, 25, accused of killing two girls in Zion, Illinois and a sailor in Virginia
Jorge Torrez, 25, accused of killing two girls in Zion, Illinois and a sailor in Virginia
CBS News

Jorge Torrez, 25, a former Marine from Zion, Illinois, will be going on trial in Alexandria, Virginia on Monday in a federal courthouse. The Jorge Torrez trial involves the killing of a 20-year-old Navy sailor in 2009 who he lived with in a barracks building, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Monday morning.

Lake County officials will be closely following the federal courtroom process involving Jorge Torrez as prosecutors have plans of showing proof that Torrez also killed two girls in a Zion park nine years ago by stabbing them to death. Prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty for Torrez at the sentencing of his crimes.

Previously, a father of one of the two Zion victims was accused of killing the girls while Torrez was free for five years. Authorities believe that Torrez murdered the sailor victim, as well as committing an abduction and rape, while the other man was in jail awaiting his trial for the murder of the girls in Zion. As the history of the case continued, the man in custody for the Zion murders, Jerry Hobbs, was released in 2010 and Torrez was finally charged in 2012. Torrez was linked to the Zion case via DNA after he was arrested and charged with abduction and rape – as well as other crimes – in Virginia.

Currently, Torrez is serving five life sentences for the crimes he has already been responsible for in Virginia.

Prosecutors in Zion want to try Torrez as soon as his Virginia courtroom obligations with federal authorities are finished. Reportedly, the murder of the girls in Zion is a very important case to the Zion community, and therefore, resolution to the haunting case needs to be resolved.