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Jorge Garcia 400 pounds: ‘Lost’ star dangerously overweight

jorge Garcia 400 pounds
jorge Garcia 400 pounds
Photo by Jason Kempin

Jorge Garcia is pushing 400 pounds. The “Lost” star is said to be dangerously overweight and has his friends and family worried, The Daily Mail reported on Jan. 29.

“We're talking Type 2 diabetes or, worse, a heart attack. No one wants to see that happen to him. Jorge is one of the nicest, gentlest souls you'd ever meet, but he just can't keep the pounds off,” a source revealed.

Jorge Garcia being 400 pounds may be extremely harmful to his health, and the actor may need to consider having gastric bypass surgery to remove the weight quickly in addition to a diet and exercise plan.

Jorge seems like a great guy and has often made people smile through his acting as Hurley on “Lost,” or even in his guest spot as “The Blitz” on “How I Met Your Mother,” so it seems likely he would have a lot of support to get healthy and drop the weight.

What are your thoughts on Jorge Garcia weighing 400 pounds? Are you worried for the “Lost” actor?