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Jorge Cruise promises ‘Happy Hormones, Slim Belly’ in carb cycling diet book

Diet guru Jorge Cruise has loosened his reins on carbs in his latest book “Happy Hormones, Slim Belly” (Hay House, $24.95), out in bookstores now.

Jorge Cruise's latest diet book is aimed at women over 40.
Hay House

His last book “The 100” pretty much wiped out all carbs, save for 100 calories a day of them. This new book, geared to women over 40, blends two hot weight-loss trends: carb cycling and the 5:2 diet – two days of strict dieting followed by five days of more lenient eating.

Cruise explains that many women 40 and older have lower serotonin levels, which cause carb cravings, and no matter how much self-control they may have, the biological need to correct the lack of serotonin leads them lunging for the cookie jar.

The dilemma: You need to cut sugar calories to lose weight, but you must eat them to balance hormones.

That’s where his plan tries to balance the two – it cuts sugar for two days (the Slim Days) then adds it back for five (the Happy Days), all while keeping insulin levels low to avoid cravings and keep serotonin high.

In addition to weight loss, Cruise says mood should also improve because your hormones are more balanced.

There’s a brief chapter on exercise, which suggests finding an enjoyable way of moving your body every day.

The book also features weekly meal plans, shopping lists, food lists with carb counts and loads of recipes for Slim Days and Happy Days, many with color photos.

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