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Jorge Cruise guarantees you can lose seven pounds in one week with carb cycling

Lose seven pounds in one week, says Jorge Cruise.
Lose seven pounds in one week, says Jorge Cruise.
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Lose seven pounds in one week: That's what Jorge Cruise guarantees you can achieve with his new weight loss plan. On her March 14 talk show, Bethenny Frankel challenged Jorge to a debate about how he can make this promise in his new diet book, entitled "Happy Hormones, Slim Belly: Over 40? Lose 7 lbs. the First Week, and Then 2 lbs. Weekly —Guaranteed" (click for details).

This book is Jorge's twentieth diet book, and Bethenny questioned whether it's really different than all of his other weight loss plans. Jorge explained that this book is unique because it's targeted to women over 40 who are in perimenopause, which can last about 15 years.

The "happy hormones" part of the book title refers to the depression and mood swings that often accompany perimenopause, explained Jorge. Traditional low-carb diets restrict foods that actually can help with those mood swings, which is why Jorge designed this new weight loss plan to incorporate "feel good" serotonin-rich foods on most days of the week.

As for that guarantee? Jorge told Bethenny that he feels he has worked with enough women to know what really works, and that the seven-pound weight loss is a realistic estimate for those who follow his carb cycling plan carefully.

Bethenny also expressed concern about the fact that Jorge's "Happy Hormones" diet requires restricting carbohydrates strictly on certain days of each week. She brought up the point that for women who are "PMS-ing" and craving carbohydrates on those days, that type of limitation can be difficult to achieve.

However, Jorge explained that his diet provides sufficient "sugar calories" to keep serotonin levels high enough to cut cravings. It also repairs the metabolism, resulting in weight loss.

Wondering if exercise is required as part of this plan? Yes, said Jorge when Bethnny posed the question. However, he feels that less can be more when you follow the guidelines in his diet.

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