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Jordan Maxwell: Life’s work destroyed in fire

World renowned Illuminati researcher and speaker says that almost everything he owns was destroyed in a warehouse fire.

Jordan Maxwell has once again been victimized by the powers that be
Jordan Maxwell

Sounding distraught, as one would expect, one of the world’s premiere conspiracy lecturers joined The Vinny Eastwood Show to talk about his latest experience with one of the worst things that can ever happen to a person. Especially someone who has built a virtual library of info about the hidden establishment, over a period that spans many decades.

Jordan Maxwell, who many consider the world’s foremost authority on the occult and the real world powers that lurk behind the curtain at the end of the yellow-brick-road, stated that because of the recent attack on his name, website, YouTube channel and other things associated with his work and research, he was in the process of moving and had all of his belongings in a storage facility. Which included not only his furniture, clothes and all his library of books, etc., but also all his original documentary tape masters and more recent research material… Basically everything.

Maxwell stated that he received a call on the morning of June 18 that was to inform him that the warehouse where all his things were being stored, however, had burnt to the ground and that everything he had accumulated over the years was gone. A devastating blow to a man that had accumulated and produced quite a collective wealth of information over many decades. But this isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened.

It’s not quite clear whether or not the incidents are related, but Maxwell claims to have been previously attacked online. Where not only was his website,, hacked and stolen and has yet to be recovered, an attempt to copyright the name “Jordan Maxwell” was made and there were a multitude of fraudulent copyright claims placed against all his personally produced YouTube videos and other likely related incidents, according to Maxwell. With this latest set of attacks coming only months after an attempt to resurrect a 5-plus-decade career in conspiracy related research and education, which included a radio show, The Jordan Maxwell Show.

Although he has his detractors, throughout the years Maxwell has made appearances on hundreds of radio shows, including this tribute to Jordan Maxwell on the world famous Coast to Coast AM, and has produced dozens of documentaries and presentations that the establishment seems be very uncomfortable with. As Americans and other world-Westerners continue realizing something is dreadfully wrong within the establishment and its media, as trends continue to show, either he or portions of his work may have become even more widely known, which looks to be something someone seems to be well aware of and is doing everything they can to prevent.

A portion of the radio program detailing the most recent attack on his livelihood can be heard by listening to the attached video, or by visiting the Vincent Eastwood YouTube channel. His website can be seen at and an excellent collection of some of his works and appearances can be seen here, at

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