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Jordan Davis' parents hope to visit Michael Dunn in prison

Jordan Davis's father wants Michael Dunn to realize what he took away from him and his wife.
Jordan Davis's father wants Michael Dunn to realize what he took away from him and his wife.
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Jordan Davis's parents are hoping to visit Michael Dunn in prison to let him know what he took away from them, according to ABC News, Feb. 19, 2014. Jordan's father, Ron Davis, said that he hopes to convey the message to Dunn that what he did was wrong.

Ron Davis told reporters that he learned of Jordan's shooting from the mother of a teen who was next to Jordan when he got shot. He went to the hospital and was greeted by a doctor and two police officers who told him that they had been "unable to revive" his son. This was after he had been told by the front desk at the hospital that his son Jordan had not been checked into the hospital. Davis later learned that this was because Davis was not carrying a wallet with identification when he was shot by Dunn.

Jordan's parents have reached out to Trayvon Martin's parents for support. Trayvon also was a teenager when he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, also in Florida. Zimmerman was acquitted on a "stand your ground" defense, which was implied but not used in Dunn's defense.

Davis expressed his hope that by attaining justice for his son, he also is doing such for Trayvon. He revealed that he is "in constant contact" with Trayvon's mother and father and that he wants them to know that he is seeking justice both for Jordan and for Trayvon.

Jordan's father explained how so very precious his son was to him when he saw his lifeless body in the hospital. After having been advised not to touch his son since it was a homicide investigation, Davis protested:

" 'I'm going to touch my son.' And I hugged him and I squeezed him…and that was the last time I saw my son."

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