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Jordan Coombs pot overdose: Coombs sues Co. for OD on pot-laced chocolate bars

Jordan Coombs says the state of Colorado is going to pot – literally – and he was made ill because of it. Coombs is behind a class-action lawsuit that is taking Colorado to court. The reason? The father of two, who recently attended a County Fair in Denver, says he was given pot-induced chocolate, and he gobbled up so much of it that he “overdosed.”

Writes Reuters news service via MSN News: “A Colorado man overdosed on the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana after eating chocolate bars obtained from a fairground vendor promoting the drug, but whose products should have been cannabis-free, court documents showed.”

Coombs’ pot overdose suit alleges that a vendor inside of the fair’s “pot pavilion” was handing out sample chocolates that, unbeknownst to Coombs, were laced with edible marijuana. After eating the confections, Coombs says he fell “violently ill” and was “projectile vomiting” inside of his vehicle. He had to be hospitalized.

Ironically, fairground rules said that all exhibitors inside of the pot pavilion could sell marijuana accessories, but none were to sell or sample items containing cannabis in any form.

The vendor, LivWell, a Denver-based medical marijuana dispensary selling full-line pot products and cannabis strains, says the bars at the fair were supposed to be free of THC, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana's psychological effects.

“I wouldn’t have eaten a bunch of chocolate with pot in it with my four and 2-year-olds with me,” said Coombs. “That’s not my idea of a good time.”

Coombs describes his ordeal:

“I hadn’t eaten lunch yet and I was just sitting there, kind of snacking, just eating chocolate,” said Coombs. “I felt like I was having a heart attack. I started having convulsions and freaking out and said, ‘We’ve got to get to the hospital right now.’”

Coombs’ attorney, Corey Zurbuch, says the hospital confirmed the THC overdose.

“The hospital that he went to did test for THC in his blood and he did test positive for that and was diagnosed as having overdosed on THC,” Zurbuch said. “Somebody could have gotten behind the wheel, somebody could have put themselves in a precarious situation.”

The controversy is continuing to build. Two other fairgoers have stepped forward to assert that they too became ill after ingesting the Full Melt pot-laced chocolate bars.

According to ABC7 News out of Denver, fairgoer Richard Jones also was sickened by the candy. “On-site EMTs first attended to the Arvada man before calling him an ambulance. Tests at the hospital revealed he had more than 100 nanograms of THC in his system, or about 20 times the legal driving limit,” the site reports.

“They were giving out samples and they made sure to tell us that the samples are just a sample of their chocolate, that doesn’t have any THC in it, and the guy went so far as to let us know if we came into the store, the ones in the store would taste different,” Jones said. “I was sweaty. I was nauseous. I was panicking. I was afraid it was a stroke or a heart attack. I essentially ate 10 doses at once, never having THC in my system ever before,” Jones added.

Zurbuch’s lawsuit, a copy of which can be read here, lists the defendant as Beyond Broadway LLC, which does business as Full Melt Chocolate and LivWell.

Beyond Broadway released the following statement to the media:

“We are aware that someone made a complaint to 7NEWS alleging that chocolate samples distributed at the Denver County Fair contained cannabis. If this occurred it was without our knowledge and was not sanctioned by our company. We are currently investigating the matter.”

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