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Jordan Coombs pot-laced chocolate overdose prompts Colorado fair vendor lawsuit

A man out for the day with his family purchased and consumed some chocolate from one of the many booths at a Colorado county fair and within minutes he was stricken ill. Jordan Coombs said he had to leave the fair and be taken to a hospital because he was overdosing on marijuana, according to USA Today on Aug. 7.

Jordan Coombs sues county fair vendor for selling him pot-laced chocolate on which he OD'd. He was assured by the vendor that the chocolate did not contain marijuana.
Wikimedia Commons

Coombs said he repeatedly asked the vender if his Full Melt Chocolate had any marijuana in it and he was assured that it did not. Police have also received two other complaints from people who ate the pot-laced chocolate not knowing it contained pot.

The lawsuit against LivWell of Denver, the makers of the Full Melt Chocolate, was filed shortly after the incident, which occurred in the beginning of August. Coombs said he felt as if he was having a heart-attack. He also said he was hallucinating.

According to MSN News, Coombs purchased the chocolate from a vendor in the “Pot Pavilion,” which was allowed to sell marijuana-themed merchandise, but pot or pot-laced products were not allowed at this fair. This is what the fair’s advertising said.

With Coombs being one of three people complaining they received pot-laced chocolates at the fair, this prompted an investigation by law enforcement. While a pot-baking contest was held before the fair opened, there was not supposed to be any marijuana products at the fair.

Since Colorado has legalized recreational pot there has been a spike in children and animals accidentally consuming pot-laced edibles like candy, brownies and soda. The edibles have become extremely popular for people who want what marijuana has to offer, but who don’t want to smoke the weed.

More and more incidents are making headlines of people who have consumed too much pot through edibles, like the man who shot his wife in the head while she was on the phone with 911. She said her husband had consumed a pot-laced product along with painkillers and he was hallucinating.

A 19-year-old student fell from a hotel balcony and died, which is believed to be another incident linked to an edible product with marijuana. While pot is believed to be linked to the death of the woman on the 911 call and to the student who fell to his death, it is not clear of the “precise role” that marijuana played in the two deaths, reports USA Today.

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