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Jordan 'Cool Greys' hit the shelves and fans are buzzing

The Cool Greys
The Cool Greys

Merry Christmas sneaker aficionados! Michael Jordan has dropped an early Christmas gift in your lap. For the price of [about] $175.00 you can unwrap your very own pair of 'Cool Greys'. What are Cool Greys? Are you living under a rock?

The Air Jordan Retro 11 (affectionately called the Cool Greys) are the remake of the last Air Jordan sneaker that Michael Jordan wore during the last game of his last season playing for the NBA (source). This shoe is a certified fan favorite - sporting an almost pale grey colorway with patent leather accents and white sole. Customers lined up at midnight, Dec 22, to purchase a pair of Air Jordan Retro 11's being released on Dec 23, 2010.

Historically, Nike and the Michael Jordan estate have had fantastic success re-releasing the iconic shoe line. Sneaker rumors always suggest that 'this version' or 'that version' of any pair of Michael 'Air' Jordan sneakers may never be released. However the company always pleases the fans by releasing the shoes. In 2009 and 2010, Air Jordan sneakers were being released in combo packs. This caused a stir in the sneaker community because fans didn't want to pay over $300 for two pairs of shoes. Usually the pack would include a popular design and a not so popular design. But, this sales strategy proved to work quite well, and put the Air Jordan sneaker back on top.

As this article is being written the term #CoolGreys is a second highest trending topic on Twitter (USA). As stated previously, hardcore fans stood in line at their local athletic shoe store waiting to purchase the shoe. Most of the Foot Locker stores in Nashville have already sold out of the popular version of the Air Jordan. However, you can still purchase a pair of 'Cool Greys' online at The shoe comes in infant, children, big kids, and Men's sizes. In addition, there are several items of apparel sold to compliment the Air Jordan Retro 11 such as t-shirts, fitted baseball caps, socks, and backpacks. Happy Shopping!