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Jordan Beckett of Bootstraps chats about Communion tour and more

From Los Angeles, CA the rock-alternative band Bootstraps is on its way to an event-filled year of firsts; debut album, Communion tour, and their stripped-down, acoustic cover of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody." In early February, they held a residency at renowned Hotel Cafe, and have been featured in popular magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and have been listed as Amazon's 'Rising Stars of 2013.' Their self-titled debut album is now out on Harvest Records, and are on the personally curated by musicians Ben Lovett (of Mumford and Sons), Kevin Jones, and producer Ian Grimble, Communion Tour, hitting stops in Atlanta, Nashville, Louisville, and many more.

Bootstraps' Jordan Beckett and band heading for a busy and eventful year
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Recently we chatted with Jordan Beckett, the lead singer of Bootstraps, about the band's music, record production, influences, connecting with an audience, and much more. Watch their live video of their single, "Sleeping Giant," which premiered on Paste, by clicking on the video tab featured on the left of this article.

How's the (Communion) tour going so far?

Jordan: Great! Being on tour with five guys is like a marriage. We eat, drive, and sleep together yet never have sex.

How do you connect with an audience?

Jordan: Sometimes I think bands try too hard and pander for an audience. With my favorite artists, I connect with them simply because I dig their records and seeing them perform live. We've put our energy into delivering a great live show - for us that's a deeper connection than digital media.

How was the production for your band's debut album?

Jordan: It was focused around capturing live moments, not fussing or getting too tedious about producing a sonically perfect album. We tried to make something that felt alive and real.

Many of the singles from the album were featured in the film "Take Me Home"; how did that collaborative process come about?

Jordan: “Take Me Home” was the catalyst for the record. Our friend Sam Jaeger asked us to record a few songs - we spent one day recording three songs, which turned into a full record. I think six of them were used in the film and went on to win Best Film Music at the Nashville Film Festival, which helped spark things for us.

Is there anything in particular that's influential to your music and/or songwriting?

Jordan: Lucinda Williams.

Do you have a guilty musical or entertainment pleasure?

Jordan: Any of the Nicholas Sparks movies that involve someone losing their one true love and then it comes back to them after hardship, sadness and trial. So basically, anything Nicholas Sparks has ever put out.

Thanks a bunch for taking time to answer these, and hope you have a continuous great run of shows :)

Jordan: Thank you!

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