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JORD Watches, unique eco-fashion on the wrist

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Cristine Struble

A person's accessories express their fashion sense. Traditionally watches are made from a handful of materials. Steel and metal are popular for dress watches while sport watches focus on rubber. But what about an eco-inspired watch for those living a green lifestyle. JORD Watches bring sustainable materials to a beautiful accessory to wear on the wrist.

JORD Watches, stylish wood watches
Cristine Struble

JORD Watches have created a watch with an unique fashion flare. These wood watches are one of a kind, premium quality time pieces, hand-crafted with sustainable materials from all over the world. Made from natural materials, each watch offers a distinctive look and feel because of the materials used. JORD Watches make a bold statement for the fashion forward and the creative individual.

JORD is a Swedish word meaning earth, soil, land. The colors of the watches in this line reflect those three words. From rich dark browns to vibrant greens, these watches cross between dressy and rugged. Whether enjoying a date night or heading out to the golf course, a JORD watch will be a statement on your wrist.

Personally, the JORD watches in the green tones are personal favorites. Colored watches usually tend to be more sporty. The JORD Delmar watch offers classic sophistication without an air of pretension. The sleek watch face offers an unique background that is unencumbered by numbers. The pattern offers a texture like quality that isn't seen in many watch designs. As a larger style watch, this accessory makes a statement on the wrist. The JORD Delmar retails for $149.

JORD offers a variety of watches in numerous styles. From larger options for men to delicate styles for women, there is a watch for anyone seeking an eco-friendly, notable design. These watches range in price from $129 to $249 dollars depending on style.

It is time to make an extraordinary statement with accessories. JORD Watches is leading the way.

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