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Joni Mitchell Music Concert on Maui, Hawaii

Joni Mitchell Music
Baron Wolman

Joni Mitchell Music Concert on Maui, Hawaii continues to expand as new artists and musicians join us for this event that is causing a stir on Maui.

Yes, we are celebrating the Life, Music and Art of Joni Mitchell and we are doing it in style!

Producer of the event, Gaia Best, along with guitarist Bill Fuller are creating a magically event.

Gaia started researching Joni's life and music in July, and had received the inspiration to create this celebration of Joni Mitchell's life rather than pay tribute to her as so many musicians and producers do, after the fact.

Life is precious and we need to celebrate Joni for the music she shared with us. Her gifts and talents in my opinion have left the men of her time in her wake as she continued to write and produce more than 25 albums of original music.

As a lyricist she is in a field all on her own. Her lyrics and the quality of the melodies, variety of styles and originality of thought, open tuning and the like have set the most confident guitarists back to the drawing board to study the complexities and the intricacies of this genius songwriter. Joni plays a number of instruments and is proficient in so many aspects of music that I am left breathless.

It is an honor for me to sing some of Joni Mitchell's songs for this awesome and awe inspiring event.

I wanted to get this picture out to you and enjoy.

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