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Joni Ernst overcomes sleazy Democrat attacks in Iowa Senate race

Idiot Braley is squealing while GOP nominee Ernst is winning
Idiot Braley is squealing while GOP nominee Ernst is winning
Breitbart News

This is going to be a great victory in November for a good solid conservative Repubican woman running for the Iowa senate seat – State Senator Joni Ernst. The Democrats have nominated a clueless liberal stooge named Bruce Braley, who everytime he opens his mouth says something stupid that only causes Ernst to rise higher in the polls. As a result, both state wide polls taken since Ernst won the primary last week show the GOP nominee leading. Real Clear Politics has moved the Iowa Senate race form “leans Democrat” to Toss Up status as a result of the recent polls. The RCP average of polls for the Iowa race gives Braley a tiny 0.8 percent lead but that will change as more surveys are conducted, and Braley keeps gaffing like the ignorant fool that he is.

Ernst gaiend a bit of media attention for a campagn spot called “squeal” in which she said she knows how to cut pork in Washington because she raised pigs as a farmer and had to castrate them. This is a senator we need in Washington because there are many porks in the budget that need to be castrated. Some useless Democrat porks that need it too.

A recent Loras College poll shows Ernst leading 48 percent to 42 percent over the Democrat nominee Braley. The skewed liberal-leaning Rasmussen Reports poll gives Ernst a one point lead, 45 percent to 44 percent.

As Breitbart News reports, Braley started putting his foot in mouth earlier this year when insulted the state's senior Senator Chuck Grassley as just “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.” We have news for Braley, the fewer attorneys we sent to Washington, the better. Farming, and not junk lawsuits, is the major industry of Iowa, so maybe it makes sense the state sends two Republican farmers as senators rather than two useless pork pabulum puking liberal lawyers who have never had a real job in the private sector.

But the gaffing continues, as Breitbart reports, “Braley made things worse right out of the gate this week. First, his campaign released an attack ad comparing Ernst to a baby chicken--a chick!

If any Republican nominee had run that ad, against a Democrat woman, comparing the latter to a chick, this would be presented by the left and the liberal media as evidence of their phony made-up “Republican war on women.”

“Tim Hagle, a University of Iowa political science professor, immediately pointed out the Democrats' hypocrisy on the so-called "war on women." He tweeted, "Imagine if a GOP candidate had used a 'chick' in an ad against a female opponent.", Breitbart News reported, “The Braley campaign's ad was wrong on the merits, too, as it tried to claim that Ernst does not have a record of cutting pork. Ernst, however, has supported a hiring freeze in Iowa's government, co-sponsored bills to limit the amount of state government spending, and called for a constitutional amendment to limit both government spending and the ability to raise taxes, as her campaign noted.”

As much as Republicans have blown their chances in the Oregon senate race with a poor choice of candidate, the Democrats have doomed themselves in the Iowa race by nominating a prolific gaffe-prone moron to go against one of the GOP's best senate candidates. This seat will be projected a Republican win in the next senate projections published here in this column.

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