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Jonetta Stewart teaches Project Poolside at Scott Fitness and eases fears of bikini season


Jonetta Stewart

Walking in to the old building that houses the Uptown location of Scott Fitness, I was greeted by Jonetta Stewart and John Scott, owners, and a sweet pup wandering around seeking pats from all the members. John was warm and inviting and led me to the back of the gym where I was about to get my butt kicked by the Project Poolside class. It doesn't take place by a pool,but gets your body looking good so you can flaunt it by the pool this summer.

Jonetta teaches the nooner class, although they have a variety of times in the three locations of Scott Fitness to choose from. Jonetta, the creator of the class, says the attendence ranges from about 25-45 people each class, and she chose to train other instructors so they could offer it as much as possible. Her heart is in teaching the instructors to do it the right way; after all this class is her baby.

From the 50 jumping jacks started at GO, I knew to expect lots of reps, and I quickly learned not to depend on any breaks. At the beginning she explains her class is like a personal training session because it's a full body muscle workout, with each set being repeated two or three times. Her only two rules: no passing out and no puking.

Why do you like the interval style of teaching? It kills two birds with one stone. I do cardio-lifting, which is basically doing a lot of reps (like 50 or more) until muscle fatigue. So it gets the heart pumping, and with barely any rest in between moves the heart rate stays up. (She does take about a 20 second break in between sets, and it's probably the fastest 20 seconds can go by.) Basically, I'm not afraid to kick my own ass. I'm dedicated to getting a good workout myself, and providing a great workout for my members. And I keep my eye on the newbies, to make sure they listen to their bodies and don't push it too hard. I see that a lot, especially in guys. Trying to impress their cute blonde teacher and keep up with her? Ha, yeah. They don't like to be outdone by a woman!

With moves like the 'booty call' and 'gimmie whatcha gots' you keep the class relaxed and provide motivation. Why do you like teaching? I think fitness is important as an overall lifestyle, so it should be fun. It's a casual atmosphere and I want people to feel comfortable. If I say do 20 pushups and they can only do 10, that's great, just give your all for those 10.

Is nutrition important? Definately. I see so many people that think just because they work out they can eat anything. But for an overall healthy lifestyle, diet is key. Not to say you can't indulge once in a while; if I'm craving chocolate I'm gonna eat it. Just not every single day. Basically to lose weight you have to cut the calories and up the burn. It's important to mix up cardio with strength training. A great thing to consider about nutrition: try and avoid white bread, white rice, etc. White equals sugar. And once you stop eating so much sugar and refined foods, you'll find you don't crave them as much. Another good tip to get in veggies: use butter lettuce leaves in place of bread on a sandwich. It gives added nutrients,a great crunch, and helps save on carbs.

You can check out the schedule and also be sure and look for Jonetta on the Fox 4 Noon Hour doing fitness segments. Scott Fitness offers a lot of fun classes and reasonable memberships. Their clubs are funky and have a laid back vibe, complete with paintings for sale on the walls.

Here is Jonetta on Project Poolside:


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