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Arkansas police chief resigns after calling reporter "pothead and stinky"

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Jonesboro police Chief Mike Yates resigned on Monday after his suspension Thursday for rude comments he posted on Facebook about a local news reporter, according to KATV news.

Mike Yates took to the social media site to degrade Sunshine Crump, a local news reporter, by calling her “smelly” a “left wing liberal”, and a “pro – dope smoker”. Yates also made comments suggesting that she was a criminal and was suspended from practicing law. Yates said he was angry over stories written by Crump and decided to use the Facebook site to vent. On Monday, Yates said he was stepping down from the position to take responsibility for his actions.

"I let my anger and pride override my wisdom and judgment by saying a number of things that are unacceptable given my position," he said in a resignation letter.

Crump, who resigned last week from the Jonesboro Sun, says she will now rejoin the newspaper. Crump’s resignation came after she said that she didn’t feel safe after the derogatory comments made by Yates. Crump also responded by saying that her only arrest was in college for protesting anti – war and that her law license was inactive, not suspended because she discontinued her law practice.

Sun publisher David Mosesso said Crump would return and be assigned to a different area other than law enforcement.

"You're never happy about someone losing their job but I really couldn't see him returning in his role as police chief," Mosesso said of Yates. "I think he'd lost the respect of the citizens of Jonesboro."

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