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JonBenet Ramsey house on market: Ghosts ever seen at home for sale?

JonBenet Ramsey home is forever etched in history. The Boulder, Colorado murder became a pop culture moment with the Boulder Police Department hearing endless remarks on late night about their lack of investigative skills. While the case might never have been solved, the home when the child was found dead is back on the market. According to The Stir on Tuesday, the 1.9 million dollar home is looking for a new buyer who doesn’t mind the backstory of the crime that clutched Colorado.

JonBoney Ramsey house is on the  market: Who does not remember this house from the docudrama and news reports?

The real estate property has been a difficult thing to offload. With so many memories of this property, there has to be a few people who wouldn’t even consider the house, even though it is in a nice part of town. It also begs people to ask if there has ever been any ghosts seen on the premises. While the murder of the child has never been solved, there has to be at least one (or more) unsettled souls in the area as the crime has captured nobody to punish. The parents were exonerated and the nation's curiosity about who was responsible went unsatisfied.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the JonBenet Ramsey was sold and completely torn down? So the history of the crime against the child could no longer be offered as a legend of pop culture. This would be expensive, but it would be a good idea for anyone who wants to really live on the property and not worry about ghost. Unless the new owners don’t believe in ghosts. And then they only have their conscious to be their guide.

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