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2014 Winter Olympics

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Jonathan Quick shows Team USA goalie mask; design oozes patriotic power (photo)

Jonathan Quick reveals Team USA goalie mask full of patriotic power
Jonathan Quick/Vine

Jonathan Quick will be on the Olympic team and fans are going to see his helmet and think of all the American power on the ice. The road to the 2014 Sochi Olympics offers a little fun when it comes to the custom designs of the different helmets. It’s obvious that Quick wanted to put out some red, white, and blue vibes on his helmet. According to NBC Olympics on Wednesday, the starting goalie for the hockey team hasn't been decided yet.

For Jonathan’s goalie mask, fans will immediately notice the coat of armor theme. The silver undertones make it look like a helmet of steel. Adding the red, white and blue overlays, it appears this helmet will have everyone looking at the tough goalie and know he won’t go down without a fight.

On Tuesday USA hockey goalie Ryan Miller offered a first look at what he will be playing in on the ice and the look is comparable in patriotic themes, but the intensity is different. Miller offered iconic America images altered to look tough and a tip to Russia with Russia nesting dolls.

While it doesn’t matter which helmet looks better, it is important to find out who will hit the ice first. If it was based on the fashion of helmets alone the fans would probably send out Jonathan Quick first and follow up with Ryan Miller. Of course fans assume both stars will get plenty of time as the team is expected to medal and that means the goalies will rotate to beat the competition.

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