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Jonathan Martin Released from Miami Dolphins after Ted Wells Report

Jonathan Martin Released From Miami Dolphins
Jonathan Martin Released From Miami Dolphins
Jonathan Martin

Ted Wells report from the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin bullying case has led to the release of Richie Incognito from the Miami Dolphins. The 144 page report that was made public on February 14, 2014 shows multiple signs of Martin being bullied by Incognito and 2 other teammates.

Beginning in his rookie season, Martin received voicemails and texts that were derogatory with excessive efforts towards him to defame his character. The language of these messages are not appropriate for this this post but offer insight to the Miami Dolphins locker room structure.

Martin has admitted to being a "push over" due to being bullied in junior high and high school that has impacted his self esteem leading him to periods of depression as a young man. Martin also admitted that the continuous torment gave him suicidal thoughts during the NFL 2013 season while with the Dolphins.

Owner Stephen Ross has expressed his feelings that bullying in the locker room "Must never happen again" and has vowed to change the culture in his own teams locker room as well as locker rooms around the NFL.

As Americas's number one sport this is a big blow to the NFL and they must act quickly to make a stop to bullying in sports and other avenues alike. The NFL needs to take a firm stance on bullying now that the organization has been pushed into the limelight of this type of harassment.