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Jonathan and Richard Jackson appear on ABC Entertainment and The View

Jonathan Jackson and his brother Richard singer and drummer respectively, of Enation appeared on ABC News/ Entertainment today to talk about their new album and the first release “Everything is Possible”.Watch it here as Enation appears on ABC’s The View.

Jonathan spoke about the single which is available at iTunes.

Here are some excerpts from ABC Entertaiment POP segment: One-on-One with "Nashville" star Jonathan Jackson and His Brother Richard Lee Jackson.

About "Everything is Possible" and the album:“So, You know it's it's a song -- -- that's about hope it's sort of you know no matter how dark. Life gets it's an -- pressed it to just them overcome adversity and and believe that everything is possible.”
I'm compiling songs for this new album we felt like it was it was this was. As sort of a defining moment for us as a band and we knew that everything's possible was -- song that we really wanted to be with us for a long time. And so we you know we we felt like there was a new version -- us to kind of bring it up to date so to speak.

Richard:. We wrote that song together but Jonathan writes most -- -- material in hand.
He's just an amazing song -- and and very relatable and I think on a lot of different levels. People are going to be able to relate to different songs and and they come from they come from his heart he really.wears his emotion on his sleeve.
About returning to GH:-- I think it's, it's definitely something that people can relate to fit her family family and influences at all and in the house. Yeah absolutely I mean everything that. You know tha twhat I write about as a songwriter and the songs we perform we we want to come from heart. Songs and. Romance, you know, songs of pain from relationships.”
About a return to Port Charles: “Well you know I get asked that quite a bit and then I'm always open to it to be honest because general hospitals like family to me -- and I started when I was eleven years old. And -- spent a lot of years on that -- I love everybody there it's it's really just that the schedule thing you know I'm -- national quite -- -- Of the -- so it's hard to actually get over there to film”

Be sure to buy the single and watch for the album coming out this Fall. Follow JJ's and Enations success on Facebook

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